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Relief of Natural Disasters

HIS Foundation participated in relief of the following natural disasters:



Large flood in east China (1991-1993)
From 1991 to 1992, HIS Foundation led the “Blood is Thicker than Water” relief movement. Fund was raised in Hong Kong and the United States. We worked with the Red Cross Society in Hong Kong and China to purchase relief supplies for the flood victims. HIS Foundation also rebuilt 12 rural clinics that were damaged by the flood.
From 1992 to 1993, HIS Foundation started a “Sending Warmth” movement. We raised over HKD10,000,000.00 to make packages of relief supplies for flood victims. Each package worth HKD300 and includes blankets, warm clothing, canned food, and snacks.
Famine in Somalia (1992)
There was famine in Somalia in 1992 affecting over 4.5 million people. HIS Foundation participated and called for donation from the public, the church, and fellow Christians. All proceeds were donated to the Somalia Relief Fund run by the Red Cross Society.
Large flood in south China (1994)
In 1994, there was a large flood in south China. HIS Foundation donated HKD160,000.00 for victims in Hunan Province. We also sponsored dwelling of new wells as part of the solution for water pollution.

Earthquake in Yunnan Province (1996)
In 1996, there was a grade 7 earthquake in Li Jiang, Yunnan Province. A large area was affected and 180,000 homes were destroyed. HIS Foundation donated HKD 130,000.00 for the victims.
Blizzard in Inner Mongolia (2001)
In 2001 Inner Mongolia was hit with a major blizzard. Many livestock were killed. HIS Foundation donated HKD600,000.00. We worked with Red Cross Society in Hong Kong and sent volunteers to participate in distribution of relief supplies.
Tsunami in south Asia (2005)
HIS Foundation worked with the Chinese Christian Herald Crusade to raise fund for the victims. In addition, we donated US$42,500.00. to support the local relief works of World Vision and Cedar Fund.
Snow storm in China (2008)
Before the Chinese New Year, China was hit by the biggest snow storm in 50 years. Henan Province and Guizhou Province were severely affected. HIS Foundation purchased food for 10,000 families. We rebuild 30 homes, a clinic, and 8 bridges.
Earthquake in Sichuan (2008)
Widespread devastating damages resulted from a Grade 8 earthquake in Sichuan Province. HIS Foundation donated 4,400 wheelchairs. In addition HKD400,000.00 was contributed to the relief fund of MSI Professional Services to support the reconstruction efforts after the earthquake.

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