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Education Ministry

HIS Foundation has multiple education ministries:


The scholarship program started in September 2003. HIS Foundation sponsored 197 elementary and junior high students in Gushi and Xin Xian, Henan Province, until they completed their study in elementary or junior high school respectively. There was a major change in national education policy in August 2005 with increase funding for elementary and junior high students. HIS Foundation therefore changed the scholarship program in 2006 to focus on helping high school students. The scholarship program covers many education districts including Gushi, Luoyang, Sanmunxia, Nanyang, Zhoukou, Puyang and Anyang. A small number of graduating high school students was granted scholarships for college study.


Youth Camps/Children Summer Programs
HIS Foundation started running youth camp for high school students since 1995. Children Summer Program for elementary school pupils was started in 2006. Both programs focus on development of good habits, correct worldviews, and character building. We encourage students to be considerate and helpful to others.


Teacher Training Courses
Teacher training courses were started in 2004. The courses focus on two major areas namely education psychology and teaching of English. English is a very popular subject of study in China. Unfortunately the standard of English teachers is very variable with some poorly qualified. The situation is worse in rural China. These training courses helped to improve the quality of teaching and help the teachers to deal with stress at work.
The HIS Foundation runs training sessions in Hong Kong for teachers from China starting from 2011. The goal is to raise the standard in teaching English and innovate education officials and teachers with new ideas, and to provide more opportunities for direct contact with our Christian co-workers for a better understanding of Christian way of lives.


Rebuilding of rural elementary schools
From 2002 to 2012, we have rebuilt 11 elementary school premises, boarding accommodations and playgrounds in different areas of Henan. Our policy has improved many rundown and dangerous buildings and provided a safe environment for students.


Donation of library books
Through gifts of thousands of books to the school libraries, we help improve teaching resources, enrich teaching materials, and extend the scope of students’ knowledge. Both the teachers and students benefit substantially from the program.


Hygiene Education
Hygiene education team is an integration of our medical and education services. Our focus is to provide basic hygiene information to the students in elementary schools of rural areas and encourage the children to develop hygienic habits in daily life. Through puppet show, we also share the message of “Love Thy Neighbors” teaching that to offer help is universal and is a virtue. (why in quotation marks)


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