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Medical Services


Orthopaedics and Hand Surgery

The orthopaedic services started in 1994. Every year 4 orthopaedic teams and one hand team are sent. The common conditions that the orthopaedic teams manage include post-poliomyelitis deformities, cerebral palsy, clubfoot, congenital anomalies of lower limbs, and spina bifida. Hand surgery is a subspecialty of orthopaedics. The hand team takes care of post traumatic hand deformities, burn contracture of hand, and congenital hand anomalies. Services include surgical treatment, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and fitting of prosthesis and orthotics.

 Plastic Surgery

The plastic surgery services started in 1995. The common conditions treated included harelip, cleft palate, and burn contractures.

  Dental Services

Dental teams were sent to provide screening and simple dental treatment for elementary school students in rural areas.

  Internal Medicine/Rehabilitation

The team members include internists, geriatricians, rehabilitation physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and nurses. The services rendered include lectures and bedside teachings for local medical staff, free clinic consultations, and health education for patients and families. The initial object of the teams was to serve medical staff in rural hospitals. Now the services have expanded to include patients and families, hospitals in county and provincial level, and medical schools.

  Ophthalmology Services

Several ophthalmology teams were sent and provided surgical treatment for cataract.


The purpose of training is to improve the standard of medical care. HIS Foundation provides scholarships for medical personnel from the partner hospitals so that they can go to other medical centers in China for higher training. Since 1995, many medical personnel came to Hong Kong for study and training to learn new technical skills and new concepts of hospital management.

  Rebuilding of Hospital

In 1997, HIS Foundation decided to rebuild Yiyang Ai Da Hospital which is located in Yiyang, Henan Province. The aim of the rebuilding project is to improve and expand the medical services and to provide a training center for local medical personnel. We witness God’s guidance and providence throughout the project, from the selection of location, purchase of old court house to the reconstruction of the building. The new hospital was inaugurated in October, 2000.

 Wheelchair Donation

Since 2006 HIS Foundation partner with Free Wheelchair Mission which is a Christian organization in the United States. Thousands of wheelchairs were donated to Henan, Yunan, and Sichuan provinces. HIS Foundation organizes volunteers from the United States, Australia, and Hong Kong into wheelchair teams to assemble and distribute the wheelchairs. A simple but functional wheelchair designed by specialist is able to improve the quality of living of handicapped patients. It allows the patient a great degree of freedom and alleviates the burden of care of family members.

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